Journeys Through Leadership

Episode 4, SEA Tony Whitehead

May 26, 2021 CMSgt Denny Richardson Season 1 Episode 4
Journeys Through Leadership
Episode 4, SEA Tony Whitehead
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Educate. Empower. Execute.

Senior Enlisted Advisor Tony Whitehead talked with Chief Richardson about creating a generation of leaders who aren't afraid to take risks and how current leaders must empower people by making them a part of decisions now. 

He also discusses his definition of leadership, how learning comes from experiences and utilizing what you learn from those experiences, understanding the importance of hearing "No" and growing from it, extremism and racial disparity among the ranks and the importance of having a diversity of experience. 

Intro and snapshot of Tony Whitehead
Educate, Empower, Execute
How to empower people
What is your definition of leadership
Understanding the importance of hearing no and growing from it
Managing activities, not time
Extremism and racial disparity
What keeps you up at night
Diversity of experience and thought
Closing comments