Journeys Through Leadership

Episode 6, SrA Karley Youngs

July 19, 2021 CMSgt Denny Richardson Season 1 Episode 6
Journeys Through Leadership
Episode 6, SrA Karley Youngs
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Find your strength, attitude is everything, lead by example.

Senior Airman Karley Youngs, honor guard coordinator and security forces Airman from the 174th Attack Wing talks with Chief Richardson about having people doubt you and moving forward from it instead of being brought down by it.  

She also stresses the importance of smiling and having a good attitude, the only thing that can be controlled is your attitude and how you react to things.  

Also, a  candid discussion about what an Airman expects from a leader, and the importance of knowing 'who' you serve. 

Why did you choose Security Forces
Work-life balance
Honor Guard
What challenges have you faced?
What advice would you give
What do you expect from a leader?
What has been your greatest experience so far in your career?
What do you like the most about the military and how do you stay motivated?
What is on your bucket list
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